team work summer camp
  • Ages: 7+
    Tuition: Per Week
    Half Day $200
    Full Day $300
    July 10-August 4

    8:30-9:30 Drop Off
    1:30 early pick up
    6:30 late pick up

    Week 1 July 10-14 | 0 spots available
    Week 2 July 17-21 | 4 spots available
    Week 3 July 24-28 | 3 spots available
    Week 4 July 31-August 4 | 0 spots available

    Kung Fu Summer camp is so much more than just Summer camp! Build new skills in self defense, communication, discipline and respect. All while having fun, creating lasting friendships and making their summer unforgettable.

    During Summer camp we emphasis on cultivating three things; Listening, team work, and confidence, we also have a blast doing it.

    Activities include;
    Morning and evening Kung Fu and self defense classes, movies, sports and team, building games, free time in the parks, hikes, wading and swimming at Seward Parks beach while lifeguards are on duty.

    •Lots of activities and games to promote critical thinking
    •Self defense and Kung Fu classes in the morning and evening
    •Less time at home in front of a screen

    •Free early drop off
    •Free Late pickup
    •Sign up for three weeks and week four is on us
    (only available for campers who participate in full days)

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