What can i expect to learn?

In a year you can expect to learn many things at JunHong’s Kung Fu Club depending on what classes you take and how often you attend class. If you are planning on competing in fighting all fighters go through an eight week program to prepare for fights sharpening their skills, strategy, and mind. As for Kung Fu we teach all forms of Northern Shaolin Temple Kung Fu like the classical forms; Xiao Hong Quan, Luohan Quan, Damo Jian, etc. You will also have the opportunity to learn animal forms, international standard forms, and weapons of all types, such as; broad sword, straight sword, staff, spear, horse cutting halberd, chain, whip, etc.

Forms are taught in series which you learn in succession and have to test to move on to the next series. The tests are free and will cost you nothing, you do not receive a belt or patch each test. It is just our method of ensuring the highest quality in personal development and progress. Students are able to test every class and a progress report is available in the front of the class. Each series should take between six months to a year to learn. When you finish a series you have the opportunity to learn a form of your choice.

Below is a sneak peek at two of our basic form series.

LIAN HUAN QUAN Shaolin continuous fist teaches students to attack through an opponents center line and distrupt attacks with throws.
WU BU QUAN Five step drill improves students stances, coordination and introduces them to Chang Quan.
LUOHAN 18 SHOU Passed down by the original 18 Shaolin monks to teach students to use elbows, clinches, and flying kicks.
YIN SHOU GUN Shaolin Staff teaches students how to coordinate hands and feet, shoulder and waist, elbows and knees simultaneously with a staff.
SHAOLIN DAO Shaolin Broadsword teaches students to chop, block, block and kick properly while using a sword.
OPTIONAL FORM Students get to pick any traditional, weapon, international standard, or animal form of their choice to learn.
TONG BEI QUAN Spreading power form the back boxing style introduces students to complex hand combat and further develops their fa jin.
XIAO HONG QUAN Close Distance Red Boxing teaches students to break holds, attack vital points and break attackers joints.
ZHAO YANG QUAN Blocking the Sun Fist improves students flexibility, flying techniques and teaches them to use fa jin while moving.
SHAO HUO GUN Shaolin Fire Staff teaches students how to swing the staff efficiently holding only the base while still striking effectively.
MEI HUA DAO Plum Flower Broad Sword teaches students to defeat multiple opponents surrounding when outnumbered.
OPTIONAL FORM Students have their choice to learn a new optional form or learn the next succession to their previous optional form.