Close Quarter Defensive Weapon Workshop


All skill levels
Saturday, May 6
10am-2pm or 4pm-8pm
5004 S Genesee St

A good friend of mine, Instructor Walley Chow, will be in Seattle to offer a workshop in close quarter lethal and non-lethal self defense weapons. Humble, knowledgeable, and generous, Instructor Chow embodies the real meaning of the word 师父 (Master) . I know you will enjoy his workshop and benefit from his life of experience.

Instructor Wally Chow: 20 + year experience as a law enforcement and public safety trainer including Use of Force and dealing with critical incidents. Classes are taught in a simple and easy to understand format, incorporating real life situations.

•People concerned about personal safety
•All skill and experience levels
•Business and home owners
•CHL permit holders

What to bring; water, comfortable clothes, and $65 cash or check, payable to Walley Chow

What you will learn:
•How do identify and avoid threats
•Factors of determining use of force options
•The dynamics of close quarter encounters
•Techniques for disarming and deploying lethal and non-lethal weapons
•The aftermath of a use of force incident

Junhong’s Kung Fu Club
5004 S Genesee St
Seattle, WA 98040

Saturday, May 6
You can attend either 10:00am-2:00pm or 4:00-8:00pm

According to the FBI’s Crime Statistics for 2015, there is an increase in VIOLENT CRIMES. According to the report, there were an estimated 1,197,704 violent crimes committed against a person around the nation. That’s 3,281 a day. Here are the breakdown of their percentages:
Rape: 7.5%, Murder: 1.3%, Robbery: 27.3% and Aggravated Assault 63.8%.
There are more reasons now for individuals to take responsibility for their own personal and family’s safety than ever. This workshop will provide you with the basic information and skills necessary to minimize your risk and not become a victim.

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