Shifu Junhong (4 time world champion) is enthusiastic about sharing all methods of Shaolin training which he has acquired in the past 20 years. You have the opportunity to inheriting his knowledge and experience in forms, drills, shenfa, gongfa, xinfa, qigong and sanda. It is his goal that all of his students surpass his accomplishments and further enrich the well of knowledge in Shaolin Kung Fu.

Ages: All Ages
Tuition: $100/month 2 classes a week

Tues & Thurs 5:40-6:20

This 30-45 minute intro class is designed for those who want to start training but have no experience in martial arts. Easy yet very detail oriented this class covers all the basic kicks, stances, and the first form.


Physical and mental understanding of Kung Fu

  • Speed, flexability and agility
  • Master the basics of Kung Fu at your own pace


All beginners

  • Small class environment
  • More one to one time with your coach

Ages: All Ages
Tuition: $150/month 3 classes a week

Mon 5:10-6:10 Wed&Fri
5:10-6:10 & 7:30-8:30
Tues&Thurs 7-8am
Sat 1:30-2:30

Although this is not a beginners class, this 1 hour class concentrates solely on basic movements and fundamentals making it great for beginners and advanced students alike. not only building your knowledge of Kung Fu's philosophy and combat theory, it also builds your physical abilities both cardiovascular and muscular.


Strengthen your body & mind

  • Develop your body’s flexibility
  • Maximize your Vo2 (cardio abilities)


  • Emphasis on basics
  • Basic tumbling
  • Basic Kickboxing
  • Basic wrestling

Ages: All Ages
Tuition: $150/month unlimited

Mon, Wed & Fri 6:20-7:20

This hour is dedicated to practicing advanced Shaolin flying, tumbling, and strike techniques, sparring and fencing. Advanced students are welcome to attend this hour. Be ready to push yourself to the next level of Shaolin Zen.


  • drills will make your body flexible and fast
  • develop body control


Emphasis on tumbling

  • Advanced drills and exercises
  • emphasis on flying techniqu

After School Kung Fu Program

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Ages: 5+
Tuition: $300/month

Mon-Fri 2:10-5:00

Free after school pick up Monday through Friday at Graham Hill Elementary School. We are there as soon as school is out to pick up your child and bring then to our studio for an hour and half of homework time before Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, Self Defense, and Games.

3 or more days a week- $300/month
2 days a week or less- $225


  • Self defense
  • Build Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Keep the kids active


  • Free after school pickup
  • Home work time
  • Free tutoring

Ages: 12+
Tuition: $80/month 2 classes a week

Tues & Thurs
Sat 2:40-3:40

Qigong (art of breathing) is a meditative art with similar roots as yoga. Sometimes practiced in a seated position, standing, or walking, improves circulation, internal energy, flexibility, and physical strength. Yi JIng JIn (tendon metamorphosis) and Ba Duan Jin (8 piece brocade) are a few of the Qigong disciplines practiced in this class.


  • Balance your qi
  • Strengthen your body
  • Improve flexibility


  • Tai Chi
  • Qigong
  • Breathing exercises
  • Learn to control Qi

Ages: All Ages
Tuition: Available only to advanced, experienced, or students competing.

Mon 7:00-8:00 Wed 8:40-9:30

This class goes in depth into San Shou theory, strategy, and application. Perfect for those who want to get back into San Shou or are planning on competing. Punches, kicks, knees, throws, and clinches are some of the techniques utilized in San Shou.


  • Get fast
  • Get tough
  • Get quick


  • emphasis on Throws
  • Advanced drills and exercises
  • Spar every class